Baby Pink + Cerise Soft-touch Cushioned collar..

Baby Pink + Cerise Soft-touch Cushioned collar..


Treat your pup to the luxurious comfort they deserve with our Baby Pink and Cerise Soft-touch Lined Collar!

Its stitched water-proof fleece lining provides hard-wearing comfort, and you can choose no fleece if you'd like. A triple-stitched webbing outer and solid plastic buckle makes it tough enough to stand up to the most energetic dogs.

Plus, it's machine washable for easy cleaning! This dog collar is built for season-long durability, so you can keep your pup safe and looking good for years to come.

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More info

Please note, Colour samples are taken within a studio setting, so there may be a slight variation in colour tones.

Care instructions: Please avoid cleaning products containing bleach or detergent. Soak in mild soapy water and massage the webbing gently. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat. For heavily soiled webbing, pop it in the washing machine with a regular wash, no hotter than 30 degrees. If the harness comes into contact with seawater, rinse it thoroughly under warm running water.

This is a custom-made product, so checking our shopping information before confirming your order is essential. 

Shipping info

Please note that each order is handcrafted individually, so it may take 3-5 weekdays before it's ready to ship. Check our website for shipping details.


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