Inca Blue Cafe Lead.

Inca Blue Cafe Lead.


Once you try a cafe lead, you’ll struggle to think of reasons why you ever used anything else. The clever bit is that it has a strong detachable handle that you can clip around a chair or table leg while you’re at the cafe or pub.

The lead is artisanal, yet unpretentious, and it’s loud and proud. Designers Hiro and Wolf are all about patterns, and the cafe lead is a perfect example of that.

The lead is hand stitched and backed onto ultra strong polly-webbing, so it’ll stand the test of time as well as looking gorgeous.

If you and your dog like big patterns and fun colours, add this lead to your basket.

Handmade and designed in the UK by Hiro & Wolf 


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Approx 105cm in length and 2cm wide 


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