Hollar Harness - Biege + Orange.

Hollar Harness - Biege + Orange.


Beautifully Hand Made Dog Harness, especially designed with your dogs safety and comfort in mind. Features two easily adjustable sliders on one side for quick adjustments, and a third slider on the chest strap, which adjusts the space between the straps to avoid chaffing under your dogs front legs.  

Lightweight Ultra Strong Webbing, triple stitched with nylon thread and solid brass hardware.

Purchase our colour matched lead for ultimate style impact combo!

Please use the following sizes as a guide when you place your order, Once you have placed your order we will get in touch with you to ask a few simple questions regarding your dogs size, just to make sure we are shipping you the perfect fit!

Extra Small - Mini Toy Breeds - Yorkshire terrier/chihuahua/Brussels Griffon 

Small - Toy to Medium Breeds - Dachshund/Pomeranian/Toy Poodle

Medium - Bedlington terrier/French Bulldog/King Charles Spaniel 

Large - Labrador/Staffordshire terrier/Corgi

Extra Large - Bespoke made, place your order and we will get in touch to find out some particular sizes. Double Webbing for added strength -  No Dog is Too Big! 


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