Baby Pink - Velvet Harness.

Baby Pink - Velvet Harness.


Don't be fooled!- this tough Harness is triple stitched onto Poly-Webbing straps, so you have the strength of a regular harness but with the added luxury of padded velvet. 

When it gets dirty, just chuck it in the washing machine. We've had customers using theirs in all seasons and they still look as good as new!

Velvet Harnesses are also good at reducing knots in curly fur, as there is less friction and pressure to the surface area.

More info

Dog Size


Width Webbing


To Fit 'at larges'


Example Breeds


Teeny 10mm

Girth14" Neck 10" Chest 3.5"

Chihuahua, Yorkie, Teeny Puppy

X-Small 16mm


Girth15.5" Neck 11" Chest 4"


Yorkie, Pomerania, Dachhund
Small 16mm


Girth 19" Neck 13" Chest 4.5


Boston,mini Schnauzer, Mini Poodle
Medium 20mm


Girth 19'' Neck 15.5'' Chest 6"


Pug, Spaniel, Cockapoo
Large 25


Girth 28.5" Neck 20" Chest 8"


Boxer, Staff, Labrador
X-Large 25mm


Girth 35.5" Neck 23" Chest 11"


German Shepherd, English Bulldog

Shipping info

Our accessories are handmade to order and lead times can vary depending on the current volume of orders, but as a guideline expect 3-5 working days production time.


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