Faded Blue - Cotton Canvas Box Bed.

Faded Blue - Cotton Canvas Box Bed.


Rectangular cushion in high quality fabric, beautifully sewn. Nice and soft with a firmness that will keep the shape of the cushion. Suitable for high levels of everyday use. For your dearest friend, add this colorful spot of comfort to your Home. 

Removable cover: 100% cotton canvas. Mattress: Polyester flaxes looped into pure cotton. Care instructions: machine washable at 40 degrees or dry clean.

Sizes (length x width x height) cms: 80 x 56 x 14

Suitable for small to medium sized dogs up to 20 kgs, e.g. a Beagle, Boston Terrier, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dachshund, Danish Swedish farmdog, Jack Russel, Shetland Sheepdog, Toy Poodle, West Highland Terrier and many more.

All our products are made with a love for Danish minimalistic design. We focus on natural materials and use high quality cotton fabrics. Our dog beds and dog duvets with bags are handmade.  


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