Our story

Our story so far.

A profound love.

We have always shared a profound love for dogs; their incredible intuition & unbiased affection making them not just man’s best friend but our devoted companion.

It was when Cian’s grandparents passed closely together in 2008 that he took the decision to foster Billie, their beloved Miniature Daushound. The initial apprehension around taking on this responsibility was soon replaced with a friendship & unwavering love that brought so much joy – Cian knew there wouldn’t ever be a time again without a dog in his life.

And so the pack started to grow. First up was Evie; now an 8-year-old French Bulldog, with a face like thunder & a personality so big she soon become quite a celebrity around town. Then Penny joined; now a 4-year-old loveable rogue – a Pug so typically Pug, only a Pug owner would understand. And now there is Peanut; a 1-year-old Teacup Chihuahua, so loving & brave but so small you could easily miss her.

Whilst on a brisk walk along Brighton beach with Ryan & our complete pack (well, for now), we touched on the mutual feeling of frustration at the distinct lack of choice & quality when it came to finding stylish clothing & accessories for the girls. Why shouldn’t dogs look as good as we feel? It was in this moment that it was decided to take the plunge & establish the business together.

Like a new born pup, Holler was launched in June 2019 with great anticipation, wide-eyed enthusiasm & boundless energy. Our store on Sydney Street is located in Brighton’s vibrant lanes, aiming to provide a sanctuary for dogs, their owners & curious passer-by’s, whilst our premium products are carefully sourced to ensure only the best choice for our customers.

As we all find our feet, our ambition is quite simply to provide only the most premium dog clothing & accessories from around the world, to bring you exclusive canine collections that spark joy.

We hope to see you soon.

Cian, Ryan, Evie, Penny & Peanut

About us.

  • Peanut

    The baby of the group, small in size but huge in spirit!

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