All Black - Leather + Leather Collar.

All Black - Leather + Leather Collar.



Got a dog that likes to pull? This black leather dog collar is the perfect choice. It comes in five sizes, ensuring it will fit dogs all sizes. This leather and cotton collar has been crafted with a minimal, yet thoughtful design. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it has been designed with practicality in mind - full-grain leather and brass hardware ensure lasting durability and strength. Hold this collar and you will experience its sturdiness firsthand.



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Designed and handmade here in the UK by Vackertass


100% vegetable-tanned leather, solid brass hardware

We recommend conditioning the leather every 3-6 months using a natural leather wax to help keep the leather soft and protect it from environmental factors. Please remember that this is a natural process with leather and brass and can't be completely avoided.


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Your dog's new collar will be handmade to order, and production times can vary from 5-7 weekdays to shipping.



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