Allsorts Multi-colour - Air Mesh Harness.

Allsorts Multi-colour - Air Mesh Harness.


Check out these statement dog harnesses all the way from Oz! Designed for comfort and style, these quality dog harness are a real summer favorite!

This is a fully adjustable harness with comfy padding at the front, which supports the dogs chest and lower neck. There is a standard lead clip at the back and one at the front; this is effective at discouraging strong willed dogs and puppies from pulling away to the sides.

Designed in Australia by Big and little dogs

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XS 25 - 31 25 - 50
S 30 - 45 35 - 60
M 35 - 50 40 - 71
L 40 - 60 55 - 83
XL 55 - 84 71 - 99


Breathable Neoprene and Polyester.

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This harness can be delivered straight from our store. Please see our shipping information for full details.


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