Black Dog Basket + Travel Bed.

Black Dog Basket + Travel Bed.


The little basket is our all-rounder for all small dogs & cats. Crafted in the style of a shopper, soft and crunchy, with a loose reversible cushion on the inside, it gives the small fur noses enough security no matter where you are or what you do. Travelling by car, by train, in a restaurant or visiting friends. The shopper not only stores a lot of accessories such as blanket, leash, treats and toys, but it is a perfect retreat especially for small four-legged friends.

Two sturdy handles ensure good wearing comfort, as Little Basket is also lightweight. It can be rolled down in up to 3 steps until the end remains the shape of a small basket and makes it easier to get started. Rolling up one side also creates a small canopy. The cushion is a loose inner reversible cushion - one side in the same fabric, the same color, the other side cuddly...


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