Black + Olive Holler Harness.

Black + Olive Holler Harness.


Beautifully Hand Made Dog Harness, specially designed with your dog's safety and comfort in mind. Features two easily adjustable sliders on one side for quick adjustments, and a third slider on the chest strap, which adjusts the space between the straps to avoid chaffing under your dogs front legs.

Lightweight and Ultra Strong Webbing, triple stitched with nylon thread and solid brass hardware.

Designed by HOLLER and handmade in the UK

More info

Size Webbing width Breed type
 XXS – min girth 12 max girth 15” inch 16mm


 XS – min girth 15” max girth 17” inch 16mm

Toy Breeds – Chihuahua/Yorki

 S – min girth 17” max girth 20” inch 20mm

Dachshund/Brussels Griffon

 M – min girth 19” max girth 23” inch 20mm

Bedlington terrier/French Bulldog 

 L – min girth 23" max girth 26.” inch 20mm

Small Labrador/Corgi

 XL – min girth 26.5 max girth 30” inch 25mm

Staff/British bulldog

Are you questioning the perfect fit? say hello to us and we can advise you. All we will need to know is an example of your dogs breed, age, chest and neck size.

Bespoke sizes our made at no extra cost.

Shipping info

This Harness is handmade to order so lead times may vary between 3-5 working days 'Mon to Fri' until shipment, please take a look at our shipping policy for more information. 

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