Blue - Cotton Harness + Marine Grade Steel Buckle.

Blue - Cotton Harness + Marine Grade Steel Buckle.



The Blue - Cotton Harness + Marine Grade Steel Buckle is the perfect harness for everyday activities. Its tight weave cotton webbing construction is designed for maximum strength and comfort, and the custom stitching is tailored to your pup's needs.

The marine-grade steel hardware is rust-resistant for extended use, while the weatherproof and washable fabric is perfect for messy adventures. Available in four sizes.

Designed and handmade by Hindquarters

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Small: 1inch webbing - Chest 14-18 inches - Lower neck 10-14 inches - a good harness for a JRT or other Terrier.

Med Slim: 1inch webbing - Chest 20-25 inches - Lower neck 14-21 inches - a good harness for a small Lurcher or Poodle.

Medium: 1.5inch webbing - Chest 16-25 inches Lower neck - 10-18 inches - a good harness for a Corgi or Spaniel.

Large: 1.5inch webbing - Chest 25-35 inches - Lower neck 16-13 inches - a good harness for a Lab or large chested.


100% Cotton & Marine Grade stainless steel.

Often we already stock our harnesses. Otherwise these are handmade to order and lead times can vary depending on the current volume of orders. As a guideline expect 3-5 working days to produce.

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