Coffee - Leather Sighthound Collar.

Coffee - Leather Sighthound Collar.


If you appreciate minimal Scandanavian design, choose this practical collar for snazzy sighthounds with a long, slender neck. The collar is soft enough to keep your dog comfortable even on long walks, but sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

If you have an eye for quality, the full-grain leather and solid brass fittings make this collar your ‘buy-it-once’ option.

Designed and Handmade in the UK by Vackertass 

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XX-Small: 8-10", 1.5" wide  -  X-Small: 10-12”, 1.5" wide  - Small: 12-14”, 1.5” wide 

Small Wide: 12-14”, 2" wide - Medium: 14-16”, 2” wide - Large: 16-18”, 2” wide


100% vegetable tanned leather, solid brass hardware

Shipping info

These handmade collars are made to order, so lead times can vary depending on the current volume of orders, but as a guideline expect 5-7 working days production time.


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