Emerald - Velvet & Rope Lead.

Emerald - Velvet & Rope Lead.


“This lead is made from vintage fabric” — That was all the designers had to say for us to get them in stock.

But we understand you’ll want more info. A Solid brass O ring attaches the hand-spliced and bound rope to the vintage (velvet) fabric. It’s a delight to hold and looks delectable.

Don’t worry — the vintage fabric isn’t too delicate for a wet weather walk, and the whole thing is machine washable.

Important 'The brass safety clips must be secured with the screw cap when connecting to your dog's collar or harness. Failure to do so may result in stress on the catch and potential breakage.

Designed and handmade in New York City by Found My Animal

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Small: Weight Up to 5.5kg - Length: 220cm - Thickness 6mm

Medium: Weight 5.5 - 22kg - Length 220cm - Thickness 8mm

Large: Weight 22kg - 45kg plus - Length 220cm - Thickness 12mm


Velvet, Cotton, Hemp & Solid Brass



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