Forrest Green + Black - Step In Holler Harness.

Forrest Green + Black - Step In Holler Harness.


We designed and handcrafted this harness based on years of experience with our own dogs. The Forrest Green + Black Step In Holler Harness is more than just a stylish accessory. Handcrafted and designed with years of canine experience, it also offers practical features.

Adjustable fit, triple stitching, brass hardware, and machine-washable fabric make this dog harness a reliable and durable option for you and your pup. Lightweight and ultra-strong, it's the perfect harness for the modern pet.

Designed by HOLLER and handmade in the UK. 

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Size Webbing width Breed type
 XXS – min girth 10 max girth 14” inch 16mm


 XS – min girth 12” max girth 16” inch 16mm

Toy Breeds – Chihuahua/Yorkie

 S – min girth 15” max girth 19” inch 20mm

Dachshund/Brussels Griffon

 M – min girth 18” max girth 22” inch 20mm

Bedlington terrier/French Bulldog 

 L – min girth 21" max girth 25.” inch 20mm

Small Labrador/Corgi

 XL – min girth 25 max girth 30” inch 25mm

Staff/British bulldog

Please note, Colours are taken from images photographed within a studio setting, so there may be a slight variation in true colour tones.

Care instructions: Please avoid cleaning products containing bleach or detergent. Soak in mild soapy water and massage the webbing gently. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat. For heavily soiled webbing, just pop it in the washing machine with a regular wash, no hotter than 30 degrees. If the harness comes into contact will seawater make sure to rinse it thoroughly under warm running water.

Shipping info

Your harness will be handmade to order so lead times may vary between 3-5 weekdays to shipping. Please take a look at our shipping policy for more information. 

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