Purple Cotton Collar + Marine Grade Steel Buckle.

Purple Cotton Collar + Marine Grade Steel Buckle.


This strong dog collar is made from tightly woven 100% Cotton, with a Marine Grade Slot and Lock buckle. The robust webbing is relatively lightweight and soft to touch, especially designed with your dogs comfort in mind.

Great for every day use and the muckiest of dogs. It will not rust in sea water and is machine washable at 40 Degrees, great for sea and beach lovers, as well as the urban explorer!

Features a iD tag, if you would like your dog tag engraved, say hello to us and we can arrange that for you, see item separately for extra costs.

•MEDIUM: 35-50cm or 13-20 inches, 3cm wide, recommended for Springer Spaniels, Labradoodles, small Labs, Vizsla, Beagles

•LARGE: 42-66cm or 16-26 inches, 3cm wide, good for Labradors, Boxers, Retrievers

Handmade in London - Great Britain


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