Orange - Fleece lined Poly-Webbing & Brass Lead.

Orange - Fleece lined Poly-Webbing & Brass Lead.


This lead has oodles of style. Plus it’s strong, and comfortable to boot.

The robust poly webbing ends in a solid brass trigger hook that clips on and stays on. And the whole thing is triple stitched with nylon thread. Just in case.

How comfy is the fleece-lined handle? Let’s just say your dog will wonder why you want to go out for more walks than usual.

Naturally, you can throw it into the washing machine after a muddy walk and it’ll come out sparkling.

Handmade in the UK by Doggie Apparel

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Our accessories are handmade to order and lead times can vary depending on the current volume of orders, but as a guideline expect 3-5 working days production time.

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