Paisley Orange Dog Collar Paisley.

Paisley Orange Dog Collar Paisley.

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When your dog wears this collar you won’t get far into your walk before someone stops you to ask where you bought it.

It’s practical too — the high-quality waxed cotton is water repellent, And to set it off, an Italian vegetable tanned leather trim.

Naturally, the collar is hand-stitched, which is a sign of skilled craftsmanship and quality — something you’ll instantly feel when you buckle it on.

Big design, beautiful colours. Certified fresh!

Handmade and designed in the UK by Hiro & Wolf 


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EXTRA SMALL - 21cm to 26.5cm around the neck - 1.5cm wide. 

SKINNY SMALL - 28cm to 33.5cm around the neck - 1.5cm wide.

SMALL - 28cm to 33.5cm around the neck, - 1.5cm wide.

MEDIUM - 35cm to 40.5cm around the neck - 2cm wide.

LARGE - 42cm to 47.5cm around the neck - 2cm wide.

EXTRA LARGE49cm to 54.5cm around the neck - 2.5cm wide. 


Leather, Waxed cotton, Stainless Steel

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