Green and Nude - Leather Lead.

Green and Nude - Leather Lead.


You can tell this lead is quality just by looking at it. But you’ll know for sure when you get your hands on it.

The leather is sourced from the highly regarded Walpier tannery in Tuscany, and each piece is hand cut and finished into a one-of-a-kind artisan collar.

The solid brass fittings and clip are forged in an old foundry in the English countryside. There’s also a brass d-ring for your clip on accessories, like poo bag holders.

You’ll feel comfortable holding the handle too — it’s lined with soft natural leather.

Designed and handcrafted in the Uk by Seldom Found


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100% vegetable tanned Buttero leather & hand-forged solid brass hardware

Each item is handmade to order, so please allow 4-6 working days lead time to shipping.  



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