Grey Cotton Harness + Marine Grade Steel Hardware.

Grey Cotton Harness + Marine Grade Steel Hardware.


Enjoy long walks with your pup in comfort thanks to the Grey Cotton Harness + Marine Grade Steel Hardware. This dog harness is made of tightly woven cotton webbing, custom stitching, and marine-grade steel hardware that won't rust easily.

It's weatherproof and machine washable, making it perfect for your active pup. The lightweight design and ergonomic fit make it easy for your pup to stay comfortable during every adventure. Plus, it's adjustable in multiple areas to create a secure fit every time. 

Full details in more info+ and shipping+ Below.

More info

Handmade in the UK by Hindquarters​​​​​.


100% Cotton & Marine grade stainless steel.

Washing Instructions

By hand or in the machine at 30°C—place in a laundry pouch to protect your device and the brass hardware. 

Shipping info

Your dog's new collar will be handmade to order, and production times can vary from 3-5 weekdays to shipping.

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