Khaki Cotton Martingale Collar.

Khaki Cotton Martingale Collar.


This contemporary Khaki collar is made of woven cotton, providing a softer feel on your dog's skin. This comfortable collar is the perfect choice for dogs with long and slender necks, like greyhounds, lurchers, whippets, and other breeds of similar build.

Achieve perfect control and comfort when you're both taking a stroll. The collar's wider design effectively distributes pressure on longer necks, while the martingale style gently tightens when your dog pulls, preventing them from slipping out of it and keeping them by your side.

All sizes are 4cm wide with classy brass hardware. It's even machine washable if it gets dirty.

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More info

Designed and handmade here in the UK by Vackertass.

Suppose your dog's neck size does not fit in standard sizes. No problem; say hello, and we can arrange a custom size. 


100% cotton webbing and solid brass hardware.

Wash by hand or in the machine at 30°C—place in a laundry pouch to protect your device and the brass hardware. Regularly wiping down the brass hardware will prevent oxidation.

Shipping info

Your dog's new collar will be handmade to order, and production times can vary from 5-7 weekdays to shipping.


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