Orange - Cotton Slider Collar.

Orange - Cotton Slider Collar.


For contemporary sophistication, look no further than the Orange - Cotton Collar. Crafted from heavy cotton webbing and solid brass hardware, this collar is as strong as it is luxurious. With a snug fit and easy-to-clean finish, it's the perfect accessory for stylish canines.

The perfect combination of quality and comfort. You'll enjoy your pup's adventures even more knowing their dog collar is long-lasting and reliable. 

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100% cotton webbing and solid brass hardware.

Wash by hand or can be washed in the machine at 30°C. Place in a laundry pouch to protect your machine as well as the brass hardware. Regularly wiping down the brass hardware will prevent oxidation.

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Your dog's new collar will be handmade to order, and production times can vary from 5-7 weekdays to shipping.


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