Nude - Classic Leather Collar.

Nude - Classic Leather Collar.


Our Nude - Classic Leather Collar is the perfect blend of both style and durability. Its minimal design is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, exhibiting the highest level of craftsmanship.

High-quality full-grain leather wraps around robust brass hardware, making it a dog collar that will last through any challenge. Enjoy its timeless aesthetic while knowing it'll stand the test of time!


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Designed and handmade here in the UK by Vackertass 


Vegetable-tanned leather with solid brass hardware.

We recommend conditioning the leather every 3-6 months using a natural leather wax to help keep the leather soft and protect it from environmental factors. Regularly cleaning and wiping off the brass hardware from dirt will help against the oxidation process and potential staining and darkening. Please remember that this is a natural process with leather and brass and can't be completely avoided.

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Your dog's new collar will be handmade to order, and production times can vary from 5-7 weekdays to shipping.


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