Red + Beige Lead - With Soft Fleece Lined Handle.

Red + Beige Lead - With Soft Fleece Lined Handle.


Our Red + Beige Lead is the perfect companion for all your excursions with your canine friend; crafted with triple-stitched webbing for durability, and featuring a solid brass O-ring and snap claw hook to keep everyone securely connected.

Plus, you'll love the soft, fleece-lined handle which provides an elegant, yet comfortable grip - even on the longest of walks. Machine-washable for easy care, this is the most luxuriously suave dog lead we've ever used.

Available in slim, regular and wide.

Designed by Holler and handmade in the UK.

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Our Duo Colour Leads are 110cm Long but say HELLO if you would like us to make a shorter or longer lead for you.

Made with ultra-strong poly-webbing and solid brass claw clip. 

Please note, Colours are taken from images photographed within a studio setting, so there may be a slight variation in true colour tones.

Care instructions: Please avoid cleaning products containing bleach or detergent. Soak in mild soapy water and massage the webbing gently. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat. For heavily soiled webbing, just pop it in the washing machine with a regular wash, short rinse/spin only - no hotter than 30 degrees. You will need to wrap the clip tightly to avoid damaging it. If the lead comes into contact will seawater make sure to rinse it thoroughly under warm running water.

Shipping info

Your lead will be handmade to order so lead times may vary between 3-5 weekdays 'Mon to Fri' until shipment. Please take a look at our shipping policy for more information. 

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